STAY IN THE FUN FITNESS is a small group, total exercise solution, to improve your health through exercise. 

  Research shows that "High Intensity Interval Training" will not only improve your health, but reduce the effects

  of   aging.  Who doesn't want to look younger?  Don't let the words "High Intensity" scare you.

  High Intensity doesn't mean overworked or stressed. It means that you progress at your own pace in a safe, 

   effective and fun workout!

  As a member, you are entitled to prescheduled, 30-40 minute exercise sessions, two times a week.

  This allows you     to get an all encompassing total, full body workout  without taking too much time out of your    daily  lives.

  More sessions are available for additional cost.

  Let our specially trained instructors guide you through a full body workout that will leave you feeling

  invigorated.    The best way to get more energy is to expand more energy.

  Class sizes are limited. You get personal attention for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. Plus you will get

  to experience special exercise equipment not typically found at other gyms.

Jacob's Ladder

           Set at a 40 degree angle that reduces the stress on your back, Jacob's Ladder will get you moving and your heart beating. Great cardio workout when incorporated in our program.

Octane Zero 

Gravity Runner

The purpose of this piece of equipment is to provide a true running experience with zero impact.

With this piece of equipment you can run even if you have bad knees.  A perfect fit for your return to exercise!

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