Dr. Paul Meyer

Your Coach

  Dr. Paul Meyer came to Arlington, Texas in1985 and opened his office on South Cooper Street.

Now, over 30 years and literally well over 10,000 patients later, he still treats spine and joint problems of young and old alike.


Dr. Meyer is board certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics and stays abreast of the latest research. Concentrating on non-surgical treatment of spinal discs, he has successfully prevented thousands of patients from having surgery.


He developed a rehabilitation, exercise system to strengthen specific spinal muscles which helps prevent pain from returning.


After surviving a near fatal heart attack at 58,

Dr. Meyer is now involved in "Active Aging" and preventing the hidden diseases brought on by sitting.  He developed a health improvement system utilizing diet and exercise to help reduce your chances of premature death.

Stay In The Fun Fitness is just one of our Active Aging programs, but one of the most important. Stay In The Fun Fitness is just the right prescription for you and your friends and family, to improve your chances for a long and active life.

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